Alright, I totally ballsed this up and I owe mike a pretty huge apology. the last few weeks have been especially demanding work wise, which all started  right as Mike and I started this project. Mike works full time and still nails this stuff, so I have no real excuse and would genuinely like to apologize everyone who has followed us so far. 

The Thor above has been in this state since the week the Avengers released, and between work and preparing for comic con next week, it’s going to be at least another two weeks before I can gedder done, so in the interest of full disclosure I thought I would post where I’m at. 

Also! I am adding an ask box to the blog. Rather than Mike picking things he knows I hate drawing, I thought perhaps you lot could do that for him? If you have any suggestions or thoughts you would like to see us both attempt (with the obvious exceptions, i.e. no graphic imagery, peoples OC’s ect) please drop them in the box! No annons please, we would like to credit whoever’s concept/idea we draw.

Sorry again guys,

and Cheers! 

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